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We are a division of Polybags and we are specialised in polythene mailers and polythelene (IUPAC polythene). If you would like to see the Polybags mailing bags and courier bags please click on the link.

Polythene mailers

Polythene mailers are made to be extremely user and customer friendly. Most plastic mailers and mail order bags are made as pouches and come in various sizes and shapes. They also usually have peel and seal label tape for ease of use that are tamper resistant. You can also find versions that instead of the peel and seal simply come with a plain lip, if this better meets your mailing needs. You can find both plain plastic mailers and envelopes or reinforced mail order bags. There are also those with bubble bags or foam bags if you are mailing items that need some extra cushioning. Plastic mailers can be purchased at a reasonable price due to the extreme cost effectiveness in the manufacturing of polythene mailing bags. If you do a large amount of mailings, you'll be able to find further cost reduction if you buy a larger quantity of mail bags at once.

Clear plastic mail bags work great for sending magazines, brochures, newsletters or any other type of mailing in which it may be to your advantage to use clear packaging. Usually these clear plastic mailers are highly tamper resistant and come with a self seal.

Some of the mailers and courier bags that we produce:

Economy postal mailers

Economy postal mailers are simple but offer very good protection. We produce plain postal mailers or coloured postal mailers and we also have the Mailite range with a pre-printed address window. The cheapest way to send literature to your customers and staff and much lighter than paper envelopes.

Heavy duty postal mailers

Heavy duty postal mailers are thicker opaque mailers and they are made with a strong co-extruded material. When you need to make sure that the mailer will arrive safely.

Tamper proof mailing bags

Tamper proof mailing bags are especially strong bags offering tamper evident sealing strip and security 'VOID' labels to put across the seals of normal bags

Polythene envelopes

Tough, clean and lightweight polythene envelopes they are designed for the protection and safety of your product offering a tamper evident system with VOID labels to put across the seals of mailing bags.

At polythenemailers2u.co.uk you cand find some extra information about polythene mailers products.

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